The Fellowship of the Burning Heart meets every Thursday evening from 7PM-9PM.  This is a gathering open to all who are interested in going deeper in our 3 pillars (values) here at the Jacksonville House of Prayer. Our pillars are taken directly out of Psalm 27:4 in which the Psalmist writes:

One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek that I may:

 dwell in the house (intimacy)

behold the beauty (personal transformation)

inquire in his temple. (Intercession)




Current Series: Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle:

Every Thursday from 7-9pm | Began April 27th

Facilitated by Teresa Heath

This series covers many topics related to prayer: its biblical foundations, its practical applications, its historical expressions, and its significance in the generation in which Jesus returns.

The aim of this course is threefold:
1. To give practical instruction on what to do to develop a life of prayer.
2. To give a biblical understanding of different types of prayer and the principles associated with them.
3. To give a big-picture perspective of what the Holy Spirit is doing in emphasizing prayer across the earth in this hour.